Wednesday 0412

Hello Wednesday! It’s a beautiful day to be alive and I’m grateful I am. I’m grateful for skilled surgeons and nurses and good outcomes and recoveries, for friends, for family, for great classes and deep discussions and team work, trees leafing out and even more flowers in the yard. What are you grateful for?


Tuesday 0411

Happy Tuesday! Happy birthday to my sweet Lynn! Among many other things, I am grateful to be alive and living a life shared with such a beautiful soul. I am grateful for all the light and laughter and love that show up in my world as Lynn. All my love always. Peace and blessings. 

Monday 0410

Happy Monday! It’s a beautiful start to a beautiful Spring day and I’m grateful to be alive and living it. I’m grateful for adventures with my spouse, getting out on our bikes and riding by green fields full of horses, for being tired at the end of the day and sleeping soundly, for yummy breakfast casserole, that each week has a Saturday and Sunday, fun cat friends, planning special trips and all the ways the huge big universe shows little, bitty me Joy. What are you grateful for today?

Sunday 0409

Happy Sunday! Happy Spring day! I am grateful to be alive today! I’m grateful for my health, my spouse, my friends, my family, my walks with Grail, a good bicycle, two good legs, hot showers, whatever-is-in-the-fridge suppers, being goofy and belly laughs. I’m grateful for a simple life full of love and affection. What are you grateful for?

Saturday 0408

Hello Saturday! I am grateful for the Life that lives me now. I’m grateful for the view from my home office window and working in a room bathed in warm light. I’m grateful for living in such a green place, the smell of fresh cut grass, foals running and playing through vast, open fields, feeling their aliveness and rejoicing in it, drives in the country in the evening, sharing time and space with people I love, my spouse’s lovely singing, long walks with my best bud and all the wonderful ways God shows up in my day. Peace and blessings. 

Friday 0407

Hello, Friday! Happy last day of the traditional work week. Today, I’m grateful for all the people who don’t work a traditional work week, the nurses and doctors and techs, the retail clerks and managers, servers, cooks, plumbers, locksmiths, veterinarians, police, EMTs, bus drivers, airline flight crews, truck drivers, linesmen. Life is beautiful in Its balance and harmony and I am grateful. Peace and blessings. 

Thursday 0306

Happy Thursday! I am grateful for this day, this life, this breath. There are so many things in my life to be grateful for and I am but this morning I am especially grateful for snooze alarms and sheets that are delightfully cool and comforting, for the luxury of a few more minutes in a kind of dreamy awareness of my comfort and for the body that allows me to feel all this. What are you grateful for today?

Wednesday 0305

Happy Wednesday! I am grateful to be alive today! I’m grateful for all the beautiful ways God shows up in my life, for those mornings when all the lights are green on my commute to work and for all those days when the universe seems to say, “Slow down! Stop and rest for a bit!” And I catch every light red. I’m grateful that it’s really all smooth sailing. Every time the universe creates a break in the action for me, there’s something extraordinary for me to see that I might have missed if I sailed straight through. I’m grateful for it all! Peace and blessings. 

Tuesday 0404

Good morning, Tuesday! I am grateful to open my eyes this morning and breathe that big gulp of air in. I’m grateful for all the seasons but mostly Spring right now, for the sounds of birds revelling in their birdness, for more light every day, more energy every day, for a healthy body that moves me around comfortably, my spouse, my family, my friends and all the ways that love shows up in my every day. What are you grateful for today?

Monday 0403

Hello Monday! I’m grateful to be alive right here and right now. It’s a rainy start to the work week and I’m grateful for the deep green blanket of grass that comes to the landscape when we have plenty of rain, for seeing all my neighbors outside tending their healthy, growing lawns when the sun pops out, exchanging greetings, catching up after the Winter’s isolating cold, for healthy vegetable gardens and the yummy food they yield, the happy sound of water moving in the creeks. Thank you rain!